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January 3, 2007

Shedding light from the rain

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One more school issue discussed last night, reported both by the EOC and Thomas Buck (Hopkinton Town Council member) is the maintenance (or lack of) done at the 1904 building.  According to Mr. Buck, there are 13 down gutter spouts.  Four are working.  Three have “a little water” coming out.  One is clogged and five do not work at all. 

Reported in the Westerly Sun, Georgia Ure reports that 7 of the 13 downspouts are not working. 

Mr. Buck reported that water is flooding in two of the four stairwells.  A third stairwell has water sheeting over the doorway.   I have been told by Mr. Ricci that this problem was addressed after Thanksgiving and will be addressed again tomorrow.


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  1. I caught the council meeting last night. I believe Mr. Buck reported that he questioned Mr. Ricci about the downspout issue via email and received a reply with a response something like “What’s the hurry?” This is an unacceptable reply and if Mr. Ricci does not understand the problems caused by a poorly functioning gutter system, then perhaps responsibility for facility maintenance should be taken out of his control?

    Ms. Ure and another woman (Dot?) also discussed some of the same data you’ve provided here from the State and Federal Education departments. The ladies even went as far as to input the numbers into spreadsheets they created and they produced some graphs. I was impressed with their attentiveness to school spending, and they specifically mentioned spending on social services such as psychologists. They expressed frustration over Mr. Ricci’s reluctance to provide spending figures. Apparently Mr. Ricci “What’s the hurry” attitude is not limited to school flooding?

    Disturbingly, I think it was noted that the School Committee chairman took offense to their research on school spending. According to Dot(?), the chairman (sorry, I’m don’t know who the chairman is?) felt their search for accountability on specific spending was an insuation that he was up to no good (paraphrasing). I don’t understand why the school committee chairman would be personally insulted by citizens’ concern about spending, but if Dot and Ms. Ure are telling the truth, the chairman has a problem sharing.

    Comment by Curious Resident — January 7, 2007 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

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