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March 26, 2007

March 27th School Board Meeting

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Members of the School Board have informed me that the agenda I posted was not a public document.  So I have removed it.  I appologize if it caused anyone discomfort.

[update] I spoke with the AG’s office – it is NOT a violation to post meeting agendas – the school board (Ricci, Day, Polouski) lied – or they are ignorant of the law (but that didn’t stop them from saying they knew). 

Here is the email I sent to the press –

Dear Sirs:

In the March 27th Chariho School Board Meeting (7 PM @ Middle School Library), the Superintendent will give a report on “Misinformation in the media.”


The following items will be discussed; all are in reaction to my letter in the Westerly Sun (pasted below).  Comments in italics within the numbered outline are mine.  Only items 1 and 3b have accompanying documentation.


  1. NCES report – There is a discrepancy between the number of administrators and counselors reported by the Department of Education and how many Chariho claims to employ.  This is important as any management study comparing Chariho to other districts will need accurate information.   Included in the packet is an email from RIDE stating that mistakes were made and will be corrected, it is dated 3/19.
  2. Grade Configuration Research Summarized by Dr. Thornton (No Small School Research Presented) – In my letter in the Westerly Sun, I expressed concerns that Chariho has not been forthcoming with research supporting K-6 and K-8 grade configurations. 
  3. RYSE Program –
    1. School Capacity/Room Usage/Planned Size
    2. Cost Comparisons – Included in the packet is a one-page document entitled “Projected Expenses.”  I have requested P&Ls from the previous years but they have not yet been made available.
    3. Out-of-District Students
  4. Town Council Resolutions/Overcrowding
    1. Create Space
    2. Eliminate Trailers
    3. Improve Campus
    4. $15-$25M Bond
  5. Ownership of District Buildings


Scheduled for Executive Session is “Character of Superintendent.”  Quote: “Given Bill Felkner’s concerns about my character and integrity (as detailed in his letter to the Westerly Sun), this item is on the agenda at my (Superintendent Ricci) request.  It will provide Bill and other members of the Committee an opportunity to comment in an appropriate forum.”


Pasted after my letter below is Mr. Ricci’s article.  The perceived attacks on his “character and integrity” would be defined by his reluctance to inform the public that Dr. Thornton’s presentation did include evidence supporting K-6 and K-8 grade configurations.


I have also challenged Mr. Ricci’s claim that RYSE is cost effective.  Information from Chariho and RIDE suggest otherwise.


Another issue to consider regarding RYSE is the following:  According to the Special Education Director, Kathy Perry, RYSE is a completely independent school and recognized as such by RIDE.  The appropriateness of developing RYSE without voter approval should also be investigated.  According to Section 9(6) of the Chariho Act, Chariho may not create an “extension of the scope of function” without voter approval.


Bill Felkner’s letter in March 16 Westerly Sun

“Absent facts from school debate” Superintendent Ricci is correct that the debate over the Chariho building plan should be based on facts so I would like to present some information that was absent from his letter (March 12). Mr. Ricci claims that the U.S. Department of Education “erroneously reported” the number of administrators and guidance counselors.  When this issue first surfaced I asked him to contact them and correct any errors.  He said that they didn’t respond to him so I contacted them.  The person who reviewed the teacher certifications replied and he maintains a count of 51 administrators and 74 guidance councilorsHowever, the numbers are really beside the point.  Efficiency is determined not by counting administrators but by comparing Chariho’s administrator-to-student ratio to other districts.  But the school has been opposed to this evaluation.  Their reluctance presumes that the Department of Education evaluated every other district correctly while Chariho was done incorrectly.  If the same instrument measures everyone, isn’t a comparison relevant? Next he points out that the Building Committee is restricted from improving the elementary schools.  But that doesn’t mean they should disregard 71% of parents surveyed who want their 5th and 6th graders brought home.  By expanding the Middle School, they are ignoring the parents. Mr. Ricci then defends this action by repeating statements made during a presentation by Assistant Superintendent Phil Thornton, which claimed that research on the benefits of the K-6 model were “inconclusive.”   Within the studies, but not in the formal presentation, was the following information:  “Schools containing both elementary and middle-school grades may be most appropriate for meeting the educational and social needs of young adolescents.”  And, “results indicate that in all subject areas the performance of sixth-grade students at (K-6) schools was better than the performance of sixth-grade students from (K-4 or K-5) schools.”  I wonder why these weren’t mentioned.  But remember, Mr. Ricci’s assistant made that presentation.  Mary Anne Raywid, Hofstra University Professor Emerita and Past President of the Society of Professors of Education, has said, “The value of small schools has been confirmed with clarity and a level of confidence rare in the annals of education research.”  So whom do you believe?  Next he claims that repairs to the elementary schools “will not allow the return of students in grades five to six to the towns.”  Where there’s a will there’s a way.  Hopkinton could easily bring grades five and six home by using the schoolhouse that Chariho abandoned last June.  It is true that Charlestown would need space but if we are spending $371 per square foot for the Middle School expansion, does it matter if its in Richmond or Charlestown?  Once those students have left the main campus that leaves plenty of room for the Richmond children.  Remember, the main campus is in Richmond and while they pay for only 38% of the budget, they get 100% of the buildings when we leave.    Next Mr. Ricci defends the RYSE program, a facility offering “twenty four hour a day/seven day a week mental health services” for student “from other districts” with “serious mental and emotional health issues.”  In today’s world of Columbine and other acts of school violence, is placing this facility near our children a good idea?   Clearly they expect a large influx of troubled youth from outside the district because our enrolment is dwindling yet they are planning a building with a 100-student capacity, nearly 250% more than current enrolment Mr. Ricci also said that RYSE costs us “far less than if these students were placed elsewhere.”  Really?   In 2003 a presentation was made by the administration stating that we spent $45,127 per student sending them out of district.  They claimed that RYSE could meet those needs for $35,340.  But according to Information Works our 2004-2005 RYSE per pupil costs were $53,561.    There are things that need to be done at Chariho, but RYSE and the Middle School expansion are not among them.  And with a capacity of 4088 and a dwindling enrolment of 3679, soliciting support from the town councils to solve the “overcrowding problem” was an exaggeration.     So let’s focus on creating the school that parents want and what research suggests is best for the children.  Let’s stop debating and just do our job.  Bill Felkner
Hopkinton representative on the Chariho School Board
Citations and parent comments welcome at

March 12 letter from Barry Ricci in Westerly Sun (this letter is a reaction to an earlier piece by myself and Dorothy Gardiner, I can provide those if requested).


“Let’s just have a factual, open debate about the Chariho building project”

I have a proposal.


Let the debate about Chariho’s building plan be one based on facts. And, let’s be sure that the debate the adults are about to have is a good example for those young people about whom we all care.


Let me begin by correcting some erroneous information that has been recently reported.


Chariho does not have 57 administrators and 74 guidance counselors. The U.S. Department of Education has erroneously reported this information. Chariho has 24.4 administrators, three of whom are secretary-like. The middle school, high school and Career and Technical Center are staffed with a total of 10 guidance counselors; there are no guidance counselors at the elementary level.


State assessment percentages for the elementary, middle, and high school levels have been compared, concluding that scores decline after grade four. Many of the scores reported were actually index scores, not percentages. One of the elementary schools cited actually scored lowest in writing of all Chariho schools, including the Middle School. This information is available at


http:// www. ridoe. net.


The Information Works! survey does report that students at the elementary schools feel a greater sense of belonging than those at the secondary levels. I wonder why information about students getting along, student disruptions, and teacher satisfaction were not reported.


In these categories, more positive results were reported by participants at the middle level. And, remember that the middle school results are a compilation of all students in grades five through eight. This information is available at www. infoworks.ride.uri. edu.


Voters at a Regional School District Meeting approved a charge to the Building Committee that limited the scope of the project to the Chariho campus. Last August and September, the member town councils supported such a concept. The Building Committee can not consider repairs to the elementary schools as part of this project.


A recent presentation to the School Committee by Assistant Superintendent Phil Thornton on grade configuration revealed that the research was inconclusive.


Klump (2006) reported that there were “…limited amounts of rigorous research.” Hough (2005) summarized that there was “precious little empirical evidence…to guide policy makers.” The research does, however, discourage frequent transitions between schools.



Our middle school was built for students in grades five through eight. AK4, 5-8, 9-12 model seems to make sense for Chariho, given our existing buildings. Chariho administrators have not advocated for a different grade structure than the one that currently exists. Repairs to the elementary schools will not allow the return of students in grades five and six to the towns. New schools will most likely need to be built in at least two of the towns, maybe three. Voters did not approve expenditures for schools that would have returned grade five to the towns when the last bond was presented.


The clinical component of The RYSE School serves students at all levels that were formerly placed in expensive outof- district placements. The need for such a school would certainly exist even if students in grades five and six were educated in elementary schools.


In these out-placements, the district had no control over the quality of the services being provided. With these students on the Chariho campus, integration is possible while comprehensive clinical (social/emotional) services are being provided to students and their families in school, at home, and in the community at a cost that is far less than if these students were placed elsewhere. Other school districts are now considering similar programs. These Chariho students are well-served by The RYSE School.


The world is not perfect, neither is Chariho. If any of the member towns has a better plan for the education of their children, that town has every right to develop such a plan, and a responsibility to present the details of that plan to the public.


But, let’s do so without maligning Chariho. This serves no purpose, other than to elevate one at the expense of the other.


There will be much said in the coming months about Chariho’s building proposal, Campus 2010. The Building Committee will conduct a public information campaign so that all will have the opportunity to become fully informed. And then, the voters will be entrusted to make a thoughtful decision. Regardless of the outcome, we will move on.


I invite any citizen to schedule a time to meet with me about any of these, or other issues. The conversation will be respectful and factual.


As I’ve said many times, my best learning has occurred in conversations with those who wish us to be better.

 Barry J. Ricci is Superintendent of Schools for the Chariho Regional School District.



  1. Excellent news…if Mr. Ricci is willing to publically discuss these issues, then he will be on record and this is important. I think too much is hidden behind phone calls, internal meetings, and executive sessions.

    I’m especially interested in the report on grade configuration. I hope this isn’t a rehash of the “inconclusive research” reported previously. It would be nice for our administrators to read the copious research on both sides. It is available and they can come here for citations if need be. I’m afraid that the administration is committed to consolidating as much as possible on the Chariho campus, and they will reach the conclusions necessary to support their adult desires…despite what most parents know to be best for their children.

    For those of us who have experienced teenagers and pre-teens, the conclusion is self evident. Pre-teens should remain in elementary schools where they are shielded from teenage behaviors, attitudes and predilictions. I do not need any outside research to reach this conclusion and I’m amazed that educators surrounded by students are unable to draw similar conclusions based on their personal observations.

    I’m unconcerned about the Executive Session as Mr. Ricci has estalbished a strawman going in. He seems to want to play the victim in suggesting there are concerns about his “integrity and character”. While these personal traits may be questionable, the letter I read challenged the vision of the administration as represented by Mr. Ricci’s agenda.

    Please tell me he is not going to try and advance his agenda by playing the “woe is me” card? Mr. Felkner’s letter was a factual reporting of the problems at Chariho as he sees them. While some of the facts may be in dispute, I certainly read nothing about Mr. Ricci’s integrity or character? Perhaps there is a some projecting going on?

    Mr. Petit disagreed with Mr. Felkner, is that an attack on Mr. Felkner’s character and integrity? Mr. McQuaide disagreed with Ms. Capalbo, maybe they should discuss it in executive session too? What a great lesson to teach our children…if someone disagrees with you, simply accuse them of questioning your integrity and character. I think this is called a diversion.

    Or is Mr. Ricci suggesting that it is inappropriate for School Committee members to publically disagree with him? Does Mr. Ricci feel that our elected officials, who represent his employers – us, the taxpayers – should not express public opinions about the school unless it is positive? Should Mr. Felkner not ask for accurate numbers on staffing and the budget? Is this to be construed as “concerns about character and integrity”? Sounds to me like Mr. Ricci’s is ready to throw a hissy fit because members of the School Committee refuse to lay down and play dead as his administration rolls over taxpayers and parents. It’s about time.

    Sorry, but I am traveling this week and will have to hope that the meeting gets recorded. Good luck and if they lie, distort, or misrepresent, call them on it.

    Comment by Curious Resident — March 26, 2007 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

  2. Am I to understand that there is an agenda for the public and an agenda for insiders? Can’t say I like to hear that, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Comment by Curious Resident — March 28, 2007 @ 7:53 am | Reply

  3. The meeting agenda presented to the public is an abbreviated form of the agenda given to the Board.

    The Board may have an item on the agenda regarding the discipline of an individual. The name and circumstances are, and should, be absent from the public document. At least until such time as a determination has been made.

    In regards to the agenda I published, the section regarding the Executive Session referenced an individual and I should not have published it. It was an error on my part.

    That being said, information discussed in Executive Sessions remains confidential until such time as the issue is resolved. As an example, contract negotiations are sealed until the contract is signed. Once signed, the pubic is allowed to view the material.

    Comment by cspf — March 28, 2007 @ 8:13 am | Reply

  4. I knew we eventually get to see the teacher contracts, but did not know we ever could be privy to personnel matters. Are you sure? I don’t disagree it should be available since ultimately we are the employers, but I am surprised.

    Anyway, I hope the matter was resolved and Mr. Ricci now understands that disagreeing with him is not the same as questioning his integrity or character.

    Comment by Curious Resident — March 28, 2007 @ 9:45 am | Reply

  5. I’ll post some answers for your question as a headline.

    Comment by cspf — March 28, 2007 @ 12:14 pm | Reply

  6. Involving a person under eighteen, probably never. An adult, maybe. Good question.

    Comment by BarbaraC — March 29, 2007 @ 8:15 am | Reply

  7. So, what do you think about last comments ?

    Comment by Appollinaris — June 29, 2007 @ 5:15 pm | Reply

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