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April 10, 2007

Vote results

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h/t Barbara Capalbo

The Chariho School budget passed. 700 for and 386 against
The town break-downs are as follows:
Richmond — 218 for and 81 against
Charlestown — 296 for and 77 against
Hopkinton — 186 for and 228 against

Thank you all for voting.

Editor’s note – I am very pleased to see that Hopkinton had the most votes.  It shows our passion about these issues.  Especially considering our populations are so similar.

Charlestown – population (2000)  7,859.

Hopkinton – Population (year 2000): 7,836.

Richmond – Population (year 2000): 7,222.

PS.  I also want to thank and acknowledge the participation on this website.  Increasing parent involvement in the education process is what it is all about.

[update] I should note that I voted against the budget.  In my opinion, there has not been enough attention given to our excessive labor costs (including benefits).  At some point, the people need to say, “enough is enough.”  I have openly stated that excellent employees should be compensated accordingly, including pay above and beyond current levels.  However, across the board raises, not based on performance, are in my opinion, counterproductive to producing excellence.


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  1. The budget vote results was predictable, in fact, I predicted it exactly right. I may be the next Rasputin!

    Like lamb to slaughter, Charlestown and Richmond voters ignored the peformance issues, the sneaky implementation of RYSE, the lack of concrete numbers for administrators, and the mulititude of other budget problems we’ve written about here.

    Thankfully, Hopkinton has a few public officials willing to participate in a vigorous discussion of school and town spending, and I think it was evident in the final tally that Hopkinton once again leads the tri-town community in citizen awareness. Unfortunately, the budget does not need approval by each town, so, for now, Chariho’s administration has prevailed in continuing to gouge taxpayers and Chariho will likely continue to deliver substandard results at a heavy financial cost and an even heavier cost to our children.

    On a positive note, the vote results are indicative of Hopkinton residents’ reluctance to throw more money at a failing school system. While we may get pushed around by the less informed towns on budget votes, we do have the power, and hopefully the will, to stop the misguided bond iniative.

    Personally, as long as the annual budget remains vague, wasteful, and unexplained, I will vote against any bond proposal, regardless of whether it is needed or not. The Chariho administration, vis a vis their lack of budgetary restraint, has proven themselves incapable of handling other people’s money. I cannot support trusting them with additional millions of dollars when they can’t responsibly spend the millions of dollars we give to them each year.

    I am disappointed in the outocme, but I am buoyed by Hopkinton’s unwillingness to play nicely. Whether it is because the other two towns are more affluent; or have more residents on the government dole; or are more easily manipulated; I take solace in Hopkinton’s commitment to government openness and accountability.

    I also commend Mr. Felkner for creating this forum. I thank Ms. Capalbo for participating here and at Hopkinton Speaks. I wish Mr. McQuaide, as he seemingly supports the current status quo at Chariho, would have stuck around and helped us understand how our failing school system should be rewarded with huge budget increases and trusted with enormous bond money?

    Or better yet, I wish Mr. McQuiade had followed Mr. Felkner’s example and mass communicated his thoughts on Chariho to his constituents. Perhaps if he had done something similar, Richmond residents would have been alone in disregarding that Chariho is a poorly run school system delivering terrible results at the expense of our children’s futures.

    I guess the best we can hope for now is that Charlestown and Richmond residents find us here and begin the process of educating themselves on the Chariho school system. With a little knowledge, I can’t imagine they would have supported this budget.

    Comment by Curious Resident — April 11, 2007 @ 10:47 am | Reply

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