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May 12, 2007

EP, we feel your pain

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As you read this article, keep in mind that Chariho is equally expensive and while we may score slightly better on the tests, we don’t have anywhere near the demographic charicteristics normally associated with poor student performance. 

Rick Croke: Explain This!

I was just wondering if someone could explain how the Seekonk School Department can maintain the 24 cents on the dollar on non salary piece of the pie while East Providence only has 13 cents on the same dollar? Seekonk’s 2007-2008 budget proposal is for $18,309,000.00 and they educate 2200 students that would breakdown to $8322.27 per student. As compared to East Providence which is currently operating on a $71,087,000.00 budget to educate 5895 students which costs us $12,058.86. They offer the same curriculum, with better student performance at a cost savings of $3736.59. oh by the way their dropout rate is almost nil and they don’t expel high school students like you run paper threw a shredder, and if you hadn’t noticed their school buildings are in much sounder condition.

This is just another reason to consider a public flogging of certain elected leaders who think we can tax our way to better a public education system


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