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June 11, 2007

Chariho Times articles

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Last week (or week before – I’ve been busy), the Chariho Times ran two articles on RYSE.  One of them focused on the legality of RYSE and quoted this website (4 times I think).  Unfortunately, while they attributed the quotes to me, I did not make them.  A visitor to this site posted them.  Hopefully this week’s paper printed a correction.  Regardless, I was pleased that the paper discussed the issue (including the school board’s move to silence a citizen when she spoke out against RYSE).That being said, something originally brought up by George Abbott continues to concern me.  Of course, Bill Day will accuse me of fear mongering and practicing NIMBYism, but I think it is a true concern.George Abbott worked as a social worker and frequently dealt with DCYF.  When he says something about them, I tend to put a lot of confidence in it.  Mr. Abbott said that Warwick and Cranston strongly object to DCYF placing more group homes in their towns.  Furthermore, DCYF has expressed a wish to move troubled youth from the core cities into “safer” areas in South County.  Doesn’t it make sense that if Chariho is the only school with a mental health facility using a treatment model certified for “serious juvenile offenders,” that DCYF might want to utilize those services?UPDATE – The Chariho Times did not print a correction.


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  1. I visited Chariho Times website and the only article I could find on RYSE was a fluff piece about the students raising Atlantic salmon. Could you characterize the tone and tenor of the article? Was there any rebuttal regarding the illegality of the RYSE program?

    In any case, you deserve a lot of credit for creating a forum which is newsworthy. Did the article give out your web address so perhaps other concerned parents and citizens might join us here?

    I’m with you on the whole RYSE/DCYF connection. As you’ve noted several times, the administration insists on a structure far larger than anything we reasonably need any time soon…unless, of course, the Chariho area sees a dramatic rise in RYSE-type children. I know the School Committee and the school administration has no problems wasting other people’s money, but in this case, I think there is more to it than simply spending money foolishly.

    Comment by Curious Resident — June 11, 2007 @ 11:52 pm | Reply

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