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July 26, 2007

Confidence in the plan?

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First of all, let me again apologize for my lack of posts.  It may be this way for a while, and I am contemplating opening access to someone/others to contribute.  My attention may be elsewhere at times and I don’t want parents to miss anything.

 That being said, I couldn’t help commenting on today’s Chariho Times article

Other than telling us that the vote for the bond will be November 6th, it also gives us a good indication of the amount of confidence we should have in the plan.

As previously noted, there was a problem with the well location and the building plan.  Clearly, someone didn’t think that through.  But then I read this:

“It was our desire to have the library in the courtyard, but with the existing underground utilities made it too difficult to build there,” said Building Committee President Gregory Kenney. “With a new well we would have had a lot more restrictions than with an existing well.”

Kenney said if the building committee went forward with having a new library in the courtyard, DEM regulations may have put the school district in a position where they may have had to purchase another piece of land to accommodate a new well.

Instead of the courtyard, if voters approve the Chariho bond this November, the new library will be located between the campus’ high school and career & tech center.

This is actually a much better plan. It makes a lot more sense,” said Ricci days after the recent school committee meeting. “For students this location will allow a bridge between the high school and the career and tech center.”

 Everyone knows where I stand on this bond
1)  We should not pass a bond to deal with maintenance costs – maintenance is a budget item.  If you can’t fit it into the budget, fix the budget (i.e. trim costs). 
2)  We should not build an extension to the Middle School when the vast majority of parents want their 5th and 6th (some even say 7th and 8th) graders back at the Elementary/local town school. 
3) We should not build a permanent building for a program that has not been proven effective, nor cost efficient.  Nor have we definitively determined if it was legally established.

But even if we put all that aside (which is not a wise thing to do), now we see –
1) that the building committee missed an obvious problem (the location of the well) and
2) according to Superintendent Ricci, that the building committee missed a “much better” placement for the library that would provide cover for students traveling from HS to CTC.

So, how much confidence do you have in the plan?

July 10, 2007

well, well, well,,, problems with the well (building plan)

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Hat tip to CR for reminding me of the water well problems in the building plans (you see, the title wasn’t just snarky, it was a play on words).

 The current proposal for expanding/moving the library has some problems.  It seems the well is located where they want to put the library.  Plus their is the continuing oil leak that may cause some problems.  Moving the well is not likely, nor cheap.

Sometimes it seems that the intent was to push something out to get a bond approved and then figure out how to do it later.  I hope I am wrong and this is just an oops.

July 6, 2007

Been busy

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Sorry for my absence… been busy.

 Board meetings are held monthly during the summer months.  The next meeting is July 17, aired on Cox Ch. 18 on Wednesday, July 18 @ 8:00pm.  We will be hearing a presentation from MGT, the company bidding on the management study.