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August 15, 2007

management study update

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During last night’s discussion on the management study, it was looking like we didn’t have enough votes to get an approval.  Some of the concerns centered on the MGT bid proposal – was it appropriate and exactly what we wanted. 

As an example, we received a general outline of what they do and this outline included such items as transportation, food service and warehouse. 


Chariho does not have a warehouse, food service is performed by Aramark (a for-profit) and transportation in RI may be changing soon.  So I made a motion to ask MGT for an itemized bid, in ala carte style, so we could pick and choose exactly what we wanted them to do.


This change should alleviate concerns for some of the board.  I would expect that this new bid would be back in time for the next meeting and we can vote for it then.  If more objections come up, I think it will be time to fish or cut bait.


Please contact your rep on the board and express your support for this study.

 RichmondWilliam Day – 539-7197  Deborah Jennings – 782-0123Terry Serra – 539-2721  CharlestownAndrew Polouski – 364-8863  Giancarlo Cicchetti – 364-7399Holly Eaves – 364-8978Andrew McQuaide – 439-4912, HopkintonGeorge Abbott – 377-2279,  Robert Petit – 491-9184,  Bill Felkner – 377-9027,  Ron Pruehs –


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