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September 14, 2007

Burdensome requests

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This morning’s South County section of the ProJo ran an article about Tuesday’s meeting.

 Here is one piece of info you should know – In the article, Superintendent Ricci said that I am free to ask any question I want, but if it is burdensome I need board approval. 

Here’s the problem.  If you watch the meeting (on again today @ 12) you will see that the qualifier of “burdensome” never came up.  But, of course, why would it?  I only asked for the number of police interventions on the main campus.  Is that burdensome? 

The fact that it has taken two months and 17 emails to get the answer (part of the answer and an answer that doesn’t match what the police station reports) – now that’s burdensome.

If Ricci really feels that I am free to ask questions, I wonder why he didn’t stop the board from enforcing this draconian measure?

Perhaps parents should just keep their mouths shut and pay their taxes.

PS.  If I am reading this info correctly (scan in Sept 12 post), it appears we had 150 visits from the police in one year (mostly one school year of 180 days).  Does that seem excessive? 

But, as I said in the meeting – when you take kids from a school with 300-400 kids and place them, at the age of 10, in a school with 2600 kids – you can expect bad things to happen.


Someone in Boston just sent me this cartoon.




  1. I must commend the ProJo journalist, Ms. Armental, who wrote the article covering the meeting. Unlike what we can expect in The Rag, the ProJo report was fact based and simply recited the chain of events without interjecting a biased point of view.

    Unfortunately for most of the School Committee and Mr. Ricci, the chain of events makes them look Stalinistic and self-serving. So many committee members have personal financial stakes at Chariho it is sickening. From Ms. Dolan’s potential windfall if her family participates in school construction, to Mr. Day who has family members employed and paid by us, the taxpayers. Chariho seems to be the ticket to enhanced lifestyles for many of those spending our money.

    Unlike many on the committee, I’ve not heard anything Mr. Felkner has to gain personally from more money being pumped into the Chariho cesspool. Can somebody tell me otherwise? Sure, like the rest of us, he wants to avoid private school and have his children receive a decent public education, but that hardly qualifies as self-serving.

    I hope the ProJo article results in more taxpayers visiting this website and discovering the shennanigans of the committee and the Chariho administration. I have great hope that Hopkinton will continue to block outrageous bonds and spending at Chariho. I have little faith in our neighboring towns and citizens, so it truly may be up to us to stop the money pit called Chariho.

    Comment by Curious Resident — September 14, 2007 @ 9:52 am | Reply

  2. When speaking about the March exec session meeting, the Sun wrote, “All 11 members voted to enter the exec session…”

    This is not true. Giancarlo actualy read from the open meeting rules and showed how the meeting was a violation. Obviously, I didn’t vote for it either.

    I called the Sun publisher (Tim Ryan) and asked for the correction.

    Comment by Bill Felkner — September 14, 2007 @ 10:24 am | Reply

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