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September 21, 2007

Dear Toothfairy:

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Forgive my pun, I haven’t said that in 40 years.

“Toothfairy” has been sharing some important information in the comments here.  It occured to me that perhaps employees don’t know what school board members face when it comes to dealing with ineffective employees.  Here is a cute diagram of the process in NY.  I’d guess RI is similar.  This has been discussed before.



  1. PS. You mentioned people not working but getting paid. Does the person with initials M.D. fit that statement?

    Comment by Bill Felkner — September 22, 2007 @ 11:15 am | Reply

  2. No. Most of your slackers are on 2nd shift. They play video games and use computers in the classrooms. Go for coffee, talk on their cell phones or just watch tv. Hell just last summer a custodian had to watch her soap opera for an hour and she DID during her work shift, while the other custodian ran her ass off trying to get things done and got in trouble for what wasn’t done. Go figure. One of the bosses was even informed. He did nothing.

    Comment by toothfairy — September 22, 2007 @ 9:33 pm | Reply

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