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September 22, 2007

Employee data

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According to the RI Department of Education, as reported to the U.S. Dept of Ed, Chariho has 562.2 full time employees (FTE’s) – two half (.5) time employees would make one full time employee. 

The Providence Journal requested a list of all Chariho employees – the spreadsheet provided by Chariho has 775 employees listed.  137 are substitutes – 41 are part time – 177 have no designation of full or part time (no hours listed – 137 are substitutes so that leaves 40) but they all get some kind of compensation – either salary, stipend or “fringe.” 

Plus – I know of at least one person that is not on the list – the person who signs the check, Ronald Difabio.  Mr. Difabio did Brian Stanley’s job when Mr. Pini was Superintendent.   He is now our treasurer, and I believe is compensated with benfits only.  Mr. Difabio is also the Director of Business Operations at the Narragansett School and was a former NEA president.

 For those of you keeping score – John Pini is now the Executive Director of the RI Association of Superintendents.  He got the job when the Superintendent from North Kingstown (who was also the former exec director of the Assoc of Supers) was identified as “misspending” $245,000 of special education funds on lobster dinners and fancy outings.


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