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November 15, 2007

“saving millions” and the belief in a Judah Christian culture

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Reported in today’s Chariho Times, the Chariho administration repeats that RYSE has saved us “millions” and “there are no secrets.”

I have previously posted the documentation provided for RYSE.  Originally, I had difficulty accepting a single page document as “comprehensive” of the costs for the program.  We know it does not include shared labor, transportation and legal services, to name just three.  But now I really don’t care if it saves us money or not. 

If the program was saving us money that means that we provide services to students AND parents for less of a cost than previously providing services to only the student.  As a free-market kool-aid drinker, and believing that generally speaking, the best quality of services floats to the highest price, I find it difficult to accept that we are providing better services.  Plus it eliminated choice by the parent.

But regardless of all that, I just don’t believe a school should be providing substance abuse treatments, employment agency services or any other social service for adults – especially funded by property taxes.  We are a school.

Today’s reported comments from Governor Carceri are not lost on our issue.  The Governor has proposed cutting government welfare programs and calling on faith-based and community-based organizations to step up.  He is not calling on schools.

This conversation can quickly grow into my personal and professional beliefs of what the American culture is based on, but I’ll leave that for another day and forum. 

Obviously, some people are always opposed to the philosophy of relying on family, faith and community to do the best job at helping those in need.  But I am not one of those people and I will not support it at Chariho (even though I was trained by those people).



  1. I agree with you. “Help” should be just that. Short term, supportive help to get someone back on their feet. I also believe that faith based and voluntary contributions find their way to those most in need, and may shun those who take advantage of the “system”. Certainly, our system has encouraged a culture of expectation, not realization of responsibility, a culture of dependency, not independence, and a culture of blame rather then self actualization. Perhaps the budget cuts will have the unexpected value of forcing some to evaluate their own lives, to be responsible for themselves, and to become contributing members of society. Self help is the best help!

    Comment by Dorothy Gardiner — November 16, 2007 @ 7:04 am | Reply

  2. Well stated Mrs. Gardiner. Intergenerational welfare or social dependancy is particularly useless to the nation and its citizens. There is no beneficial upside in encouraging this ill passively or aggressively.

    Comment by Barbara Capalbo — November 16, 2007 @ 8:11 am | Reply

  3. And imagine, if we had an “equal” vote, the school committee could be made up of Andy (for Charleston), Bill Day (for Richmond) and Bill Felkner (Hopkinton). What do you think Hopkinton would get? Think “0” for anything WE might want, or wish to negate or refuse!

    do NOT vote for a loss of our VETO power!

    Comment by Dorothy Gardiner — November 16, 2007 @ 9:16 am | Reply

  4. I often use children as a guide. Would it work on children?

    If a child stayed in bed every day, and had all the necessities, and many of the luxuries, of life delivered, would that motivate the child to be productive, to contribute?

    If it wouldn’t work on children, it won’t work on society. Mr. Felkner gets it right again, and I’m glad to see he has company. I worry about the attitude of so many in our society. Government should not be a charitable organization…it poisons us all.

    Comment by Curious Resident — November 16, 2007 @ 11:54 am | Reply

  5. […] complete by not including the legal fees attributed to the program, among other things (although, the finances of RYSE are a side issue to me).   You can review the letters yourself but I think those of us who are most vocal […]

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