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November 30, 2007

Chariho Act oops

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The Providence Journal today reported on the “obvious omissions”in the updated Chariho Act, as pointed out by Mrs. Carney.

Comparing the proposed document with the 1986 version, Carney said she first noticed the deletion of a clause that provided job protection for employees if any member town decides to withdraw.

Reading further, Carney said, she then noticed that sections 16 through 19 had been eliminated.

Section 17 pertains to the admission of other towns into the regional district and section 18 deals with withdrawal and the creation of an entrance, expansion, and exit committee.

I have asked Mr. Ricci to provide me with the response from the attorney.  This attorney is being interviewed to replace John Earle as the Chariho solicitor.



  1. The attorney who is being interviewed to be on our payroll made these egregious errors or was it the last solicitor who is responsible?

    If it was the one being considered…stop considering him. Unless, of course, he acted upon request of administration and School Committee officials? In that case, they should all go directly to jail.

    To leave out entire clauses is either incompetence or malfeseance…either way, the attorney who did it should be banished from further employment opportunity at taxpayer expense.

    Comment by Curious Resident — November 30, 2007 @ 12:03 pm | Reply

  2. the attorney who made the mistake (assuming it was a mistake), or perhaps more accurately put, his firm is being interviewed for the position

    Comment by Bill Felkner — November 30, 2007 @ 12:13 pm | Reply

  3. Sadly, if the School Committee had been doing the appropriate follow up on issues, this updating of The Chariho Act would have been done LONG ago. So we paid an attorney, who is now ill, mucho bucks to update The Act to include the amendments, but not to change any part of The Act itself, merely to bring The Act “up to date”. Note that the word “revise” is not used, as this is not a true revision, but rather an act to incorporate the amendments into The CHARIHO Act.

    Bottom line, looks like no one except a few on the School Committe or in the CHARIHO administration are doing their job. WHAT A MESS! How anyone could want to give this crew two cents for anything is beyond me. I do not see this as any “mistake”, just more of the same sneaky behavior.

    Comment by Dorothy Gardiner — November 30, 2007 @ 1:39 pm | Reply


    I don’t know anything about Mr. Mageau from the Charlestown Town Council, but I have noticed he is constantly being attacked by The Chariho Times. It’s as if the editor there has a personal vendetta.

    I did hear Mr. McQuaide from the Chariho School Committee is a relative of Mr. Mageau. Mr. McQuaide is a weasel and operates as Mr. Ricci’s hand puppet. Maybe Mr. Mageau is the devil incarnate for all I know?

    That said, The Times ran an editorial and I quote from it – “America is a democracy the last time we checked and the underhanded dealings in Charlestown need to stop. People have a right to speak at council meetings. People have a right to speak out without being subject to idle threats and lawsuits.”

    For those not aware, the Chariho School Committee frequently operates in secret, behind closed doors, and Mr. Day runs meeting like he is Napoleon. Just this week they used procedural tricks to kill discussion on the issue of Mr. Ricci’s emails. I never heard a peep out of The Chariho Times.

    Mr. Mageau probably got The Times angry and they’ve decided to go on the attack. Their anger may be justified…he may be a nightmare, but I hope they also turn their attention to the Chariho School Committee and publically express similar outrage over their anti-democratic tactics and behaviors.

    Comment by Curious Resident — November 30, 2007 @ 11:22 pm | Reply

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