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February 17, 2008

Just in case you missed the reports

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From the Chariho Times:  “Felkner will not be silenced

The Times got it a little wrong in that the Committee did not vote on the deal.  The reported vote was on a different issue – but if the Committee reported votes as the law dictates, this would not have happened.

From the Westerly Sun:  “Committee unhappy with disclosure of closed door minutes

The Sun got it a little wrong too – I did not disclose minutes.  I disclosed the email from the NEA (teachers’ union) that was part of the negotiations between them and the Chariho solicitor.  Because the Superintendent told the reporter that I was at fault – and refused to provide me evidence of that fault –  I feel I am in within my rights to defend my name.  If I am wrong, I am sure they will do something about it.



  1. You’ve done nothing but be open and honest Mr. Felkner. The rest of them are the ones who vote to hide all the time.

    Why don’t they report what they vote on and who voted for what in Closed Meetings? Even in the few things they are willing to talk about in public I find it nearly impossible to figure out who is voting for what? The TV camera doesn’t catch all the hands and Mr. Day usually just announces whether a motion passed or failed. He not only doesn’t tell us who was for and against, he doesn’t even have the courtesy to announce the vote total.

    In my opinion the local media is pro-government. As we’ve seen with their endorsement of the bonds, they have the same knee jerk desire to spend our money, and not demand accountability and positive results in return. The Chariho Times seems to find you interesting, but when it comes time to dig deep into the issues you raise, all the local media fails.

    Comment by Curious Resident — February 17, 2008 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

  2. Hey Bill,

    If defending your name begins to cost you hard earned cash, I suggest starting a defense fund.
    You can count me in for a couple of C-notes.
    Keep up the work.

    Comment by RS — February 17, 2008 @ 9:04 pm | Reply

  3. And you know I’ll throw in my two cents!

    Comment by Curious Resident — February 17, 2008 @ 9:28 pm | Reply

  4. After working with another union in a quasi-public position, I’m not surprised at the power the NEA wields.

    As an assistant shop steward, working on a grievance by an employee, I’ll never forget the words from their attorney: “We’re never wrong!”. Through intimidation and coercion the union manipulated situations, lied and withheld evidence to prove their point. They do this regularly and have become quite proficient at it.

    Management would sometimes cave to the unions’ views and demands. It appears as though Ricci has done just that.

    RS has a great idea to establish a defense fund – I’m sure others will support your tremendous efforts.

    People should know that, by fighting for the taxpayers, you’re taking the road less traveled and, by definition, that makes you a target. You should get a lot of credit for your willingness to put in the time and effort to bring this information out into public view.

    Comment by Small state: Big budget — February 20, 2008 @ 8:36 am | Reply

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