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March 27, 2008

Let the Regents know what you think!

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Repeating an earlier message – Have you ever wondered how we graduate so many students when only 22% of them can pass math?  It’s because the test really means very little to the graduation requirements and the Regents are trying to fix that.

It important that you let the Regents know what you think.  They want  to increase the testing standards, or at least what weight they give those test when determining graduation.  In my opinion, this is an excellent measure.  PLEASE let them know what you think –

Click hereto send an email to all members of the Regents (on the “To:” line) and include members of the ProJo & WJAR staff covering education on the “CC:” line (feel free to add or remove CC’d folks as you see fit!)



  1. Hi all,
    My wife and I sent an email to the regents. Our 12th grade son was taught using regular math and his 8th grade brother is much further behind at this point. We need the NECAP scores to be part of graduation requirement to hold the schools accountable for curriculum choices. I know from my college experience the kids will need to know math skills or they will be very limited as to what majors they can take. If we give kids the tools and raise our expectations then we have faith the kids will get it done. We need results not excuses.

    Comment by Jim L. — March 27, 2008 @ 7:05 pm | Reply

  2. I agree, and I sent an email also. The following is a true reflection of what I have seen when the educational system fails children, parents, and all taxpayers.

    Dear Board of Regents,
    I am writing to support legislation to require that at least 33% of students (I would like to see 70%) prove their ability to pass a mathematics exam as a requirement for graduation.
    As a parent, I am deeply distressed to see that our local education has become mired in attempts to provide “all in one” services to children, when the main focus should be education. I believe that our tax dollars are wasted on perhaps well intentioned, sometimes self serving, poorly reviewed, inept diversions of the educational process.
    Test scores have proved that our state, once a respected Mecca for education, has deteriorated in both standards and delivered quality of the basic educational process! We pay the most, and receive the least education for our children. All attempts to go back to a basic education have been stonewalled, and our children suffer for this lack of sustained, basic education expectations. Instead, they are met with “social expectations”, “Investigative math” and a core curriculum which strives for mediocrity rather then outstanding performance.
    When I traveled during my work, I was able to see the results of such educational processes. Consider Charlestown, SC, New Orleans, La, New York, as well as other towns and cities, both large and small. Parents send their children to private schools, either by vouchers or by self payment. The public schools then disintegrate to a state where students are only minorities, thugs, and the totally disenfranchised. Some DO have parents who care, but Are unable to pay for a private education. Without a cadre of parents who wish to see success, expect achievement, and push for quality education, those schools systems have failed not only the students, but the community as well. The right of every child to have an education which would enable them to become a graduate of high school, able to obtain a good job, or attend college was destroyed.
    Please, don’t let our state and my town turn into another ghetto for education, where parents must choose to place their children in a private school in order to fulfill their parental responsibility to ensure an acceptable education for their children. REQUIRE that my tax dollars for education ensure that at least a basic education for children is provided, by requiring proof of a basic proficiency in math as a requirement for graduation. If that means more state oversight of curriculum, then so be it.

    Comment by Dorothy Gardiner — March 28, 2008 @ 3:32 pm | Reply

  3. If you have members of your community, whether they be neighbors, educators, bankers, real estate, financial, etc, Operation Clean Government is holding a Candidate ‘school’ for all those interested in taking a plunge into the political arena. If you log onto the Operation Clean Government website you can see when the shows air, next one is tomorrow morning the 30th of March on RI -13 (Cox Cable) at 8 a.m. The Candidate School is April 12th at the Quonset ‘O’ Club. The show will be about whose coming as guests and what the Candidate School is about. If you miss the show I think that it will be on line/streaming if you log into Operation Clean Government website. The most current shows are Patrick Crowley, Assistant Director of NEA-RI, Leonard Lenardo, Economics Professor of U.R.I. and Distingished Professor Mazze of the School of Business Administration at our State University.

    Comment by James Hirst — March 29, 2008 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

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