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August 17, 2008

What’s good for Westerly good for Chariho?

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The following letter is from the Sun. 

Rethink managers for school projects.

Not so quick on spending the taxpayers’ hard earned money. As I read last month’s article in the Westerly Sun, Mr. Patten was quoted as saying hire a pro­gram manager, a construction manager and an architect/engi­neer.
I’ll want to give you some good advice. Building a town garage versus renovating schools is night and day.
A program manager is a total waste of good dollars as all they do is status the work performed and answer questions to the building committee or school bond panel or school committee. They would charge somewhere around $500,000 to $1 million
on a $30 million project.
In the construction world, this is considered easy money and a sucker’s investment. They are used when committees want an easy way out to sit on the side­lines.
Why do you need a construc­tion manager? On a $30 million project, the town’s cost will be somewhere around $3 million. Hire a few knowledgeable peo­ple to coordinate the renova­tions of these two buildings and put the money into the build­ings.
I’m sure A/Z and Gilbane are both good companies but always remember, they are in business to make as much money as pos­sible,
and they see towns like Westerly as easy game. I hope you are not considering hiring A/Z and Gilbane because they both were used in the past, and you people have become friends. Four million dollars might not mean much to you as it’s tax­payers’ money, but we are in a worldwide recession probably going into a depression. A lot of Westerly people do not know how they will pay for heating oil this winter. National Grid has raised electricity and natural gas rates, so have some compas­sion for the people.
Joseph Donahue Westerly


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