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October 26, 2008

Sylvia Thompson in Sun last Tuesday

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Enough spending in Chariho

The sky is falling. The sky is falling. It must be Hopkinton’s fault. The Chariho School Committee assured everyone the sky was blue. The people wanted to believe, but when the Hopkinton voters looked up and saw stormy clouds, they knew it would be a rainy day. Those pesky voters had the audacity to believe their eyes.
Once again, it is time to believe what you see. Another fiscal year has ended at the Chariho Regional School District. Another year our school commit­tee assured us they needed a $1.434 million increase. The dis­trict voters believed and approved the budget. Now we know they ended the year with a surplus over $2.3 million.
In FY 2006, the School Committee assured us they needed $1.619 million more. The voters tried to cut the budget, but were called anti-education and told you can’t do that. Yet they ended the year with a sur­plus of over $2.699 million.
As a matter of fact, the School
Committee assured us they had to have a combined total increase of more than $5.43 million over the past three fiscal years. The voters approved their budgets, and the towns increased your taxes to raise the money. However for this 3-year period, this committee ended up with more than $7.979 million in sur­plus funds.
What’s a taxpayer to do? Tell them no more. We must commu­nicate our specific concerns to the school committee, and there are many ways to accomplish that. I hope the voters no longer support the Chariho School Committee budget assurances until they demonstrate through action or deed their ability to propose a budget based upon actual realistic data.
It’s bad enough Hopkinton tax­payers pay more than twice as much as the Charlestown tax­payer, let’s not let them get away with unnecessary million-dollar increases as well.
Sylvia Thompson Hopkinton Town Councilor


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  1. Every time Mrs. Thompson speaks she impresses me more. Unlike the tired and worn rhetoric of the Chariho apologists, Mrs. Thompson makes her case using facts.

    Is taking nearly $8,000,000 in unneeded money “for the children”? Or would that $8,000,000 have done more for children if their dads and moms had been allowed to keep their earnings?

    Yes, year after year, Chariho manages to pass irresponsible budgets. Year after year they add more employees to the public trough. I’m not sure how they do it…maybe they are magicians, but it is great to see they haven’t fooled everyone. Keep up the good work Mrs. Thompson.

    Comment by Curious Resident — October 26, 2008 @ 9:29 pm | Reply

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