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November 19, 2008

Nov 18 meeting Part 1

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Chariho attorney, Jon M. Anderson of Edwards, Angel & Dodd, gives his “ruling” and “recommendation” that Felkner is not “qualified” to serve on both the Hopkinton Town Council and Chariho Regional School Committee. Cites for support the Chariho Act (section 10 1A and section 18), the Hopkinton Town Charter (sections 2130 and 1240) and the “Doctrine of Incompatibility.”


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  1. Watching the lawyer speak in this first clip, I can’t say if his interpretation is right or wrong, but clearly his role was predetermined as he states, “I was asked to be here tonight”. It is equally apparent that he spent considerable time looking for case law. This process must have taken a few day at least.

    Even Mr. Felkner acknowledges legal question as to his ability to serve as both a Town Council member and a School Committee member. Both the Ethics Board and the Board of Election gave guarded advice that it was okay…but nobody would say definitively.

    Regardless, the School Committee acted in blatant disregard of Rhode Island meeting laws. They had ample opportunity to put the subject on the agenda. They also had the opportunity to adjourn this meeting until they had resolved the issue. The School Committee chose the most egregiously unethical and indefensible route. The School Committee lawyer, who is paid to know meeting laws, let these violations occur and even paticipated in the violations. Absolutely unbelievable. If the Chariho community ever comes to its senses and gets rid of these clowns, it better include this attorney. He is a joke.

    Comment by Curious Resident — November 20, 2008 @ 1:03 am | Reply

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