Chariho School Parents’ Forum

November 19, 2008

Tape Part 3

Filed under: 1,Nov 18 meeting (where I was removed from office),Video — Editor @ 11:20 pm

Deb Carney tries to use logic with the attorney – “What section of RI law does it say Mr. Felkner can’t occupy two seats?”

Jon Anderson – “The Chariho Act coupled with the Hopkinton Town Charter, coupled with the Doctrine of Incompatibility.”

DC: “We have heard that its state law, but nowhere here in the Chariho Act does it say he doesn’t have the right to serve on both.”

George Abbott tried to reason with the attorney as well – “You mentioned these conflicts of interest…I realize that the issues are rather different, but I would say we have to remove all the people that have family working at Chariho. I don’t say this to insult anybody, but how does that differ from your opinion that voting on various issues affecting the town would present a conflict of interest ..”

[editors note] Andy McQuade just graduated from Chariho 2 years ago and has an aunt working there. Frmr vice chairman Andy Polouski worked at Chariho for 34 years and has a niece working there. Current vice chairman Bob Petit’s cousin is Brian Stanley, the business administrator. Chairperson Holly Eaves is going to school right now to become a teacher. And frmr chairman Bill Day’s wife and son are employees at Chariho and Bill works for Perspectives as a “one on one” – this position requires that he spend his day with a special needs individual at that person’s workplace. Where does that person work? You guessed it, Chariho – shredding paper. So the frmr chairman, who just arbitrarily ruled to have me removed, has a wife and son employed at Chariho and he spends his days there too. And his employer (Perspectives) receives compensation for that time.

And those are just the ones I know about.


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