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January 5, 2009

LTEs in the Sun

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Sorry I have not been keeping up with the press.  Holidays and all that. But there were two much appreciated letters in the Sun last Wednesday.  Thank you.

Felkner brings good questions, commitment to Chariho

If there is any justice in the Chariho District, the writer of the Dec. 28 editorial concerning Mr. Felkner has it right in the second paragraph of his editorial. If he is right, and I believe he is, the people of Hopkinton and the Chariho District will be well served.
The second paragraph in its entire­ty is “Felkner has two years remain­ing on his four-year school committee term.”
I don’t agree with everything Mr. Felkner proposes or does. But he was absolutely right in refusing to literal­ly relinquish the seat to which he was elected in 2006 at the school committee meeting earlier this month without an order from a court having jurisdiction in the matter. It
is a dangerous precedent to allow any committee to reject any member duly elected by his/her constituents.
Mr. Felkner does more good by the questions he raises and the proposals he makes during the 70 percent of the meetings he attends than some of the folks I have seen on that commit­tee over the years who rarely missed a meeting.
A 70 percent attending idea person is clearly preferable to a 100 percent attending rubber stamp any day. I’d also gladly take a 100 percent attending idea person over a 70 per­cent idea person any day, but there aren’t long lines of people of any stripe waiting to run for school com­mittee
in Chariho. In the 2006 election, there were no candidates on the ballot for two school committee seats in both Hopkinton and Charlestown, and in 2008, there were no candidates on the ballot for one school committee seat in both Charlestown and Richmond.
The Sun’s concern over Mr. Felkner’s ability to devote enough time if he continues to hold both his elected offices is valid. Time will answer that question. I am confident that if the task is overwhelming, it will quickly become obvious, and he will do the right thing. It would be personally professionally disastrous if he didn’t, and he is not a foolish man.
Thurman Silks Hopkinton City

Transparency is a blessing, one brought about by Felkner

The Chariho Regional School Committee should be cheered for its effort to bring transparency to the contract negotiation process by hav­ing an open meeting to discuss options with the public. Let us hope that they keep it up and allow the negotiations to take place in public view as well.
However, they should be jeered for removing William Felkner, a duly elected representative from Hopkinton, from their committee. It is just another embarrassing moment in Chariho’s legacy.
This letter is ironic because every­one
following this issue knows it was Mr. Felkner who pushed for open meetings for contract negotiations, and Chariho wouldn’t have had the meeting if it weren’t for his efforts. Perhaps that will be his legacy.
Jim LaBrosse Hope Valley


  1. We can’t depend on the Rag to deliver the news honestly and with integrity, but at least they still allow readers to speak the truth.

    Since I don’t buy the Rag, I didn’t read the editorial referenced by Mr. Silks. Did the Rag take a stance on Mr. Felkner? Was it supportive of Hopkinton’s right to determine who we want representing us? If anyone has the ability to copy and paste the editorial I’d like to read it.

    Comment by Curious Resident — January 5, 2009 @ 9:01 pm | Reply

  2. Hi all,
    Thanks for posting the letters Bill. Because I travel I buy the Sun when I’m in town rather then subscribe. I was in town last Wednesday, but with New Year’s Eve and the snowstorm, I didn’t get the paper. I knew my letter to the Chariho Times was printed, but I thought the Sun had decided against putting in my letter. Glad to see it made it! I’m disappointed in the timing because there were probably many people like me who didn’t get to read the paper that day. I couldn’t agree more with Thruman having 70% of a guy or gal looking to fix Chariho is better than having 100% of a guy or gal content with the way things are.

    I read the comments in another part of the blog about parents having blame. I don’t want to get into a big debate but having a son taught math with traditional methods and now in Rutgers and having a son still in high school taught constructivist math, I know first hand that no amount of parental help can overcome a terrible curriculum like constructivist math. We are still struggling and even put our young daughter in St. Pius (which we can’t afford) because no matter what we do as parents we can’t overcome a school system which doesn’t educate our kids. That’s my two cents for what it is worth.

    Comment by Jim L. — January 6, 2009 @ 4:29 pm | Reply

  3. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Rag purposefully witheld the letters for a day when they knew there would be low readership. With the snowstorm, only suscribers likely received the Rag…and with New Year’s Eve, how many of them actually read it? The Rag has been a mouthpiece for Chariho so nothing they do to cover Chariho’s tracks is a shock to me.

    Comment by Curious Resident — January 6, 2009 @ 5:12 pm | Reply

  4. The parent subject is mostly a copout Jim. True some parent tutoring can be beneficial, if the parent is prepared to teach the material. Many aren’t. There was a time when I taught people how to fly, and as a “professional” I would never expect anybody else to take over what were my responsibilities, nor would I just take the students money and not give them the service they deserved, and it wasn’t for fear they would fire me(private sector) because most student’s wouldn’t know they were being instructed improperly. As a true professional one rises to the challenge and makes it a personal endeavour to never lose a student due to their learning abilities. Imagine, I did this for wages that qualified me for food stamps. My 2 pennies.

    Comment by RS — January 6, 2009 @ 6:24 pm | Reply

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