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January 28, 2009

No surprises here

Filed under: contract negotiations — Editor @ 7:11 pm

From the Sun:

WOOD RIVER JCT. — Chariho Regional School District teacher contract talks will begin tonight behind closed doors at the Reaching Youth through Support and Education (RYSE) School.

Speaking of the Sun, I’m told there is a piece regarding the case also in tonight’s paper.  I don’t have access right now so if someone can send me the text I would appreciate it.  I was home with the flu yesterday and the reporter seemed very interested in pointing out that while I have said I didn’t want Hopkinton taxpayers to have to pay for this case, if we are successful and Gorham’s fees are paid by Chariho, then ultimately the tax payers still are paying.  True, although its Richmond and Charlestown too. My point was that we would do what we felt necessary to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again (remember Chariho vs Hirst?).  So, if some sweeping recall of committee members, or accountability to administration was made, then financial restitution beyond Gorham’s fees wouldn’t be necessary.

But as I said, I was home with the flu so I would be interested to see if I was able to make my point in the article.


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