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August 9, 2009

Police contract debate

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Sylvia and I have commentaries in the Westerly Sun today. I buy at the stand so don’t have it to cut and paste. If someone else has the text please forward. I can post mine but I would want to give Sylvia equal time.

Especially so since I was shocked at the strategy she employed in her response. Reminds me of Saul Alinsky.

Sylvia’s response basically said, “reports on the blog in early July said …. And they aren’t true. The contract is a good deal.”

What she neglected to be open about was that that first blog post she commented on said more data was being uncovered and would be reported, and that over the 6-7 posts we came to the most accurate data we could – which is what I reported in the paper. One of the errors she complained about was actually corrected 3 hours later on the blog. Again, she didn’t mention this in her commentary.

She never defended the accurate numbers.

I must say, I used to have a great deal of respect for her. But all she did was pick an early draft and criticize it while ignoring the most recent data.  The sad part is that people reading the paper won’t know that the numbers I sent to the paper were the latest and NOT what Sylvia was talking about in her piece.

I could have used the print space to tell the wider public that they used “concensus” rather than votes so the public wasn’t notified. Or that we were using ‘unofficial’ negotiations so months. But I didn’t.  I wanted to stick with the relevant data on the financials.  I wish Sylvia would have done the same.



  1. Maybe she is planning to move to FL with the rest of our state pension “investment”, so the tax and spend ponzi scheme won’t affect her.

    Many are uninformed, apathetic, uneducated(on these issues), and vote the way “good ole _________” says to. 37% just choose not to be bothered with these issues because they do not pay taxes anyway *

    Comment by RS — August 9, 2009 @ 11:54 am | Reply

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