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March 29, 2010

update from Sylvia

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                  CHARIHO            SCHOOL COMMITTEE OVER-ESTIMATED EXPENSE OR UNNECESSARY TAXATION                                                                           

              General Fund        Revenue     Total surplus                                                    

Fy 06 Adopted Budget $46,085,400    $1,922,621                                                                 

 Actual             $44,093,756    $2,630,703                                                                 

Surplus $1,991,644      $708,082         $2,699,726                                                     

FY 07 Adopted            $48,552,771    $2,691,434                                                                 

 Actual $46,483,664    $3,560,165                                                                 

Surplus $2,069,107      $868,731         $2,937,838                                                     

FY 08 Adopted            $50,327,187    $2,999,876                                                                 

 Actual $48,048,414    $3,389,019                                                                 

Surplus $2,278,773      $389,143         $2,667,916                                                     

FY 09 Adopted            $51,559,070    $3,598,605                                                                 

 Actual $50,221,870    $3,235,691                                                                 

Surplus (Deficit)            $1,337,200      ($362,914)       $974,286                                                        

FY 06 is the year the taxpayers cut 2 million. The School Committee stated the entire 2 million was too much due to contractual obligations.                                                                                     

So, voters restored some funding. However years later, the taxpayers learned the budget could have sustained an even larger cut. The audit                                                                                       

proved they ended the year with a surplus of $2.699 million, even after claims the 2 million cut was too excessive.                                                                                             

Fy06, 07, 08, 09 data from Chariho Year-End Audits, capital budget not included.                                                        Prepared by Sylvia Thompson 3/26/10                        

Exhibit 1


Chariho Budget

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Sylvia asked me to post this Chariho budget information.

Chariho2008002 (Chariho Audit 2008)

Chariho2009003 (Chariho Audit 2009)

  2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008  2008-2009
General Fund Budget $43,897,020 $46,085,400 $48,552,771 $50,327,187 $51,559,070

        FY 06      FY07       FY08  FY09 Proposed Fy10/11
Amt. Chariho Demanded $44,162,779 $45,861,337 $47,327,311 $47,960,465 $48,607,924
Amt. Chariho Spent $41,463,053 $42,923,499 $44,659,395 $46,986,179  

February 23, 2010


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I have resigned from the Hopkonton Town Council.  Three kids, one wife, and two companies is just too much. I hope they still allow me to work with the council on the school choice initiative – I have been given indication that they will.  My resignation letter is pasted below.

I also won’t be posting on this blog anymore but will continue at – one blog is enough. Thanks,

February 11, 2010

Thomas Buck
Council President
Hopkinton Town Council
1 Town House Road
Hopkinton, RI 02833

Dear President Buck,

It is with great sadness that I write this letter of resignation as a member of the Hopkinton Town Council, effective immediately.

It has been a pleasure to work with all of the members of the Committee. While we didn’t always agree, and I often found myself on the more “radical” side of government reform, I am convinced that all of the members of the Committee have their hearts in the right place and are doing what they think is best for the community.

Unfortunately, due to family and business commitments that have grown considerably since my election, I am unable to fulfill my commitment to the voters of Hopkinton. However, I do hope that we are able to move forward with the proposed school choice initiative in the near future. I will be unavailable until the end of March but look forward to speaking with you more on this issue at that time.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the community and your support in my efforts and if there is anything I can do to make this transition happen more smoothly, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Respectfully yours,

William J. Felkner

November 23, 2009

plz email

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Retired BMA or “Texas”, please email me. thx

On a related note (isn’t  everything related to education?) the School Choice Workshop has been rescheduled to Jan 25 at the Hopkinton Town Hall.

October 23, 2009

Ed Comm Gist drops “bombshell”

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Commissioner Gist today announced that RI public schools should not allow “seniority” to stand in the way of putting the best teacher where they are most needed.

“In my view,” she (Gist) wrote in a press release, “no system that bases teacher assignments solely on seniority can comply with this new regulation.”

I’m told she has backed off that a bit by saying she was simply reiterating current regs, but I still like the tone of it.

October 22, 2009

RIDE Mandates

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At the House Labor Committee last night, the idea of eliminating mandates was brought up. They are looking for those involved (superintendents, school comm members, town councilors) to tell them which mandates to eliminate and why.

Click here to see the RIDE Mandates

October 15, 2009

School Choice Workshop

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The Oct 26th workshop to discuss a school choice plan has been postponed. I believe it will be Nov 9th but will confirm and let you know.

October 8, 2009

He’s Baaaack

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I try not to do too much cross posting – but  this is sooo sweet I can’t help myself. Get those tips flowing.


Contact: Parker Lacoste
P.O. Box 2401
Providence, RI 02906
Tel: 401-228-6691

Hummel Returns to Investigate Waste and Corruption
Ocean State Policy Research Institute Partners with WPRO to Launch Investigative Report

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Ocean State Policy Research Institute announces that it is partnering with former ABC 6 reporter Jim Hummel and WPRO radio to launch the Hummel Report, which will investigate waste and corruption in state and local government.
Hummel’s investigations will debut on WPRO radio and its Web site and be posted in video form on once a week.
“We’re excited to partner with WPRO, Jim Hummel and the dedicated Rhode Islanders that sponsor this important work,” said William Felkner, Director of Operations for the Hummel Report and President and Founder of the Ocean State Policy Research Institute (OSPRI). “This partnership is exactly what is needed to expose the government waste and corruption that has mired and embarrassed our state for decades.”

Added WPRO Program Director Paul Giammarco, “Jim Hummel’s association with our award-winning news team and Web site creates an outstanding opportunity for all Rhode Islanders to see and learn first-hand about corruption and government mismanagement. Hopefully these reports will inspire Rhode Islanders to become more aware so that we can begin to facilitate systemic change.” 

The Hummel Report Web site, which will feature its first report on October 15, also will provide a daily compilation of links to state, local, and town news and access to a database of municipal salaries, benefits, public employee union contracts, state legislative voting records, and other public document databases provided by OSPRI. Hummel will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Hummel Report.
Hummel, who has nearly three decades experience as a television and newspaper reporter in Providence, brings a depth of institutional knowledge to the project. Hummel was a reporter for the local ABC affiliate, WLNE-TV Channel 6 in Providence, from 1995 to 2008. In the 1990s he led the station’s coverage of corruption at Providence City Hall. He also reported from Washington, DC on issues pertinent to Rhode Island. In 2004, he became the chief reporter, managing the station’s political and investigative unit and hosting the Sunday morning show, “Six News on the Record.”
Hummel also resurrected the “You Paid for It” news segments. In 2007, he won the Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reportingfor a story on the North Kingstown school administration, which spent restricted federal special-education funds on food and drinks for a staff retreat. His two-part series, “Steak and Lobster,” prompted state and federal investigations into the district, resulting in the ouster of two top officials. The state concluded that the district had misspent nearly $250,000 in federal dollars.
Prior to joining ABC 6, Hummel was a reporter for the Providence Journal, where he was a reporter, editor, and manager for 13 years. While at the Journal, Hummel covered local politics, crime, the courts, the state General Assembly, and the Governor’s office. He also managed three of the newspaper’s local news offices.
“It’s great to be returning to the Rhode Island as part of such an innovative project,” Hummel said. “The combination of online media and talk radio formats, partnered with an organization that is committed to making government operations transparent, provides an outlet for information that is unequaled in the market today.”
Further distinguishing the Hummel Report from other media sources is its formation as a non-partisan, nonprofit entity. Dedicated to exposing waste and corruption for the people of Rhode Island, the Hummel Report is funded by tax-deductible donations.
“I’ve always felt that I worked for the people of Rhode Island,” said Hummel. “Now I really do. I take that as a great honor and responsibility and I will maintain the integrity and vigilance to my job that the public has come to expect.”
For more information, including how to donate, visit
About Ocean State Policy Research Institute:
Founded in 2007, OSPRI is a 501(c)(3) research institute that advocates for sound public policy based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, and traditional American values. We offer timely research and analysis on important issues for elected officials, the media, business leaders, community organizations, and citizens. We also maintain the Transparency Train-public financial and legislative information repository.
About The Hummel Report:
The Hummel Report is a non-profit 501 C-3 organization dedicated to exposing waste and corruption for the people of Rhode Island. Its investigative reports, produced by veteran reporter Jim Hummel and debuting on WPRO, will combine with news and public information to offer the first local multimedia news outlet of its kind at
About WPRO:
WPRO is the dominant news and talk radio station in Rhode Island. WPRO operates simultaneously broadcasts on 630 AM and 99.7 FM. With 167,000 listeners a week, WPRO has the largest audience in Rhode Island.

September 9, 2009

Fire Tax

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I’ve gotten some comments about the Ashaway fire district tax. I was as surprised as the next guy. My bill went from about $170 last year to $270 this year. Maybe the next time someone wants to spend tax dollars we should make sure they know the costs involved. I just thought I would start this post for people to comment on it.

September 4, 2009

Great show on FOX

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There is a great show on FOX tonight at 8 and midnight – Tucker Carlson – Do you know what is in your kid’s textbook.

Try to catch it.

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