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February 10, 2009

Just a warning

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One of the breakthroughs for education in RI last year included opening the door to other charter schools and a representative of the KIPP schools come to the State House commenting on those opportunities.  But reading the following gives one something to watch out for as we move forward.  Exchanging one badly run organization (because of union shackles) for another is no solution. Lets hope KIPP can keep them out.

KIPP. Knowledge is indeed power, but the push by a few teachers to organize this model school seems to have been discounted until it was too late. Now KIPP is fighting back, and the union effort may end up in arbitration if not accepted by Thursday. What KIPP needs to do is remind its teachers and families that its success with students – the point of it all – is accomplished by individual teachers executing a unique program, and not the result of union rules.


March 12, 2008

Who knows what’s best for your kids?

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Drew Carey has been producing some videos over at  Here is one of his videos on the benefits of charter schools and how the unions and some school committee members try to fight them.

Remember last year about this time.  I made a motion for the Committee to send a letter of support for a piece of legislation that would lift the moratorium on charters.  Bill Day (whose wife and son both work at Chariho) convinced the Committee that we should not support charter schools because those schools don’t have the same mandates and requirements as do public schools.  I guess Mr. Day believes that he knows what is best for your kids.   In light of the recently announced test scores, I would ask if you are happy with this arrangement? 

Why do we continue to let them take our money and tell us how to spend it on our own kids?