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September 1, 2009

brainwashing starts young

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If you haven’t heard, Obama is planning on speaking with ALL kids K – 12 on September 8th. After reading the linked items, I think this is a little creepy. 

I got the following notice today:

I’ve been further informed on the September 8th Presidential speech to ALL our Children
In the YouTube video, President Obama tells this child, “Yea, I get bullied and people say a lot of bad things about me.”  See President Obama – interviewed by a child
Please download the attached I took directly off the US Department of Education website. or click to view what I printed of their site if it is no longer available.  This includes the letter to all Principals – not even through the school boards as far as I can tell, and includes the “suggested” classroom asignments from the Federal Government.
You might consider keeping your kids home that day.