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December 20, 2006

Private School coming to Richmond

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This article in the Westerly Sun describes a private school coming to Richmond.  I’ll let you parse the details but two points strike me.

 As with any non-non-profit, you don’t go into business unless there is business to be had.  Perhaps this is connected to the reduced enrollment at Chariho listed in the previous post.

Secondly, the school administrator Charlotte O’Brien stated that the average teacher salary is below $30,000.  It is said that you should not to be too tough on teachers (reducing benefits, etc) because you want to attract the best.  If private schools consistantly outperform public schools (NAEP scores, the only test take in all states, is always higher in private schools), and they pay less, how do they do it?

There is a report that suggests public schools outperform private when adjustments are made for parent income.   These reports suggest that low-income students in public school perform better than low-income students in private schools.  Middle and upper-income students in private schools continue to outperform the public school students.