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January 6, 2009

More good news for RI

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Angus Davis, a member of the RI Board of Regents, has posted on his blog the good news regarding teacher certification in RI:

Teach for America no longer banned in RI

After a lengthy debate, Rhode Island’s regulations on alternative certification of teachers became competitive with other states as the Board of Regents voted to approve new regulations that for the first time allow programs like Teach for America and The New Teachers Project to apply for approval to operate in Rhode Island. These programs have been fabulously successful in other states, but unfortunately until this month they were banned from Rhode Island. Our previous alternative certification regulations failed to certify more than four teachers in four years and they blocked those without five or more years of work experience (like TFA corps members) from participating. This led to a remarkable “brain drain” of talent lost to other states: last year Brown University sent more of its graduating seniors into Teach for America than to any other single private sector employer. Yet every one of these nearly 40 young teachers were forced to leave the state because Rhode Island did not allow alternative certification programs like TFA to operate here.

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