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Contract – Certified Teachers

The Certified Teacher contract can be found here.



  1. Reading through the current teachers’ contract. I may be reading it wrong, but some items of interest to me are as follows:

    Teacher’s work day is calculated at approx. 6 hours and 50 minutes. They are allowed one duty free lunch break for a total work day of around 6 hours. They also are to receive one unassigned period per day (they can leave the school during this period) so now we are around 5 actual teaching hours per day.

    Contractually they are obligated to work 184 days per year (this includes Professional Days and Parent/Teacher conference days). So 184 times 5 hours is 820 hours of teaching responsibility. Based on the normal 8 hour work day, teachers actually work just over 100 days per year. Comparatively, the average worker with 2 weeks vacation and an 8 hour day can expect to work 2000 hours in a year.

    For sake of discussion, let’s say the average teacher salary at Chariho is $60,000 for a wage around $73/hour. Even if we give them work credit for lunch and unassigned periods (6.833 hours per day) they still earn $48/hour.

    How much would similarly educated professional earn if they made a similar hourly rate? At $73 it would be $146,000 per year. At $48 it would be $96,000 per year.

    Considering that most professionals do not have contracts limiting them to 8 hour days and quite often (most often) work 50 hour weeks or more, then a simiilarly educated professional working 50 hours weeks would need to earn $182,500/$120,000 per year to be paid as much as Chariho teachers.

    For those whining about teachers being underpaid should give this some thought.

    The other item of note I came across (I’m not done) is about open house where parents come to the school. The contract reads as follows:

    “A teacher’s attendance shall not exceed one (1) hour at the elementary and middle levels. (Same language only 2 hours at the High School.) Nice huh? Wouldn’t want teachers to have to deal with us nasty parents any longer than necessary!

    Comment by Curious Resident — September 19, 2007 @ 6:23 pm | Reply

  2. That’s very good. Heritage did a study very much like you did and found a number around $80/hr also.

    I like the part that says (From ESP), “Employees who fail to comply with this requirement (pay union dues) shall be discharged by the Committee after the receipt of written notice…. The Association (NEA) and the SC agree to jointly defend any action taken by an employee as a result of this clause.”

    Comment by Bill Felkner — September 19, 2007 @ 6:35 pm | Reply

  3. So teachers refusing to fund the union are fired quickly, while teachers failing to teach our children can linger for years. So tell me again how much teachers care about our children?

    Comment by Curious Resident — September 20, 2007 @ 11:05 am | Reply

  4. Wow I should become a teacher – didn’t know I could make that kind of money or maybe I should go for assistant principal do you see all the nice cars parked at CHARIHO!

    Comment by A's Mom — October 4, 2007 @ 8:59 am | Reply

  5. Interesting. I can go to the parking lot of a corporation and notice 50 vehicles that have base prices at 60k, but God forbid you go to a school where adults spend their day teaching your children to find a similiar vehicle and we are being overpaid. The unfortunate factor is that we do not have unlimited salary potential or bonuses. We go to work everyday to make a difference to the student that may be living in a foster home or a shelter. We go to work to teach children that they can accomplish all their desired goals with the proper determination and dedication. We smile proudly at them when they present a project they spent weeks working on because we gave them the tools that make their presentation creative and innovative. I teach children everyday to be their best and I NEVER put them down. I teach and some days I am their mother, father, nurse, friend and always their teacher. I am a positive influence in their life and I am someone they can count on to show up everyday, unlike some parents that desert their children. I’m a teacher…. what do you do?

    Comment by Teacher — October 10, 2007 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

  6. I am a Mom! I was always under the impression teachers were not paid well. My comment about becoming a teacher was serious. I did not know I could work with children and make that kind of money. I love children and think some teachers do a great job. It does upset me hearing about the teachers that do not value their positions like you do. The stories about teachers putting kids down are sad.
    As for the corporations parking lot – It probably sees those cars for a lot longer of a work week; my husband used to put in 65hrs+ for his salary. So I was mom, dad, nurse, friend and teacher and I have been here everyday since giving birth. I’m not complaining we wanted children and we want them to get the best education possible and I thank the teachers with your positive attitude.
    I do think the some of the administrations budget is high and my taxes are too high.

    Comment by A's Mom — October 12, 2007 @ 8:47 am | Reply

  7. There is good and bad in every profession. Some teachers couldn’t be paid enough for what they deal with and how they deal with it. Others have no buisness being teachers let alone being paid to do it. Personally I am more concerned about why we allow contracts that make it nearly impossible to reward the best teachers and totaly impossible to remove the bad ones.

    Comment by M's Dad — October 15, 2007 @ 11:59 am | Reply

  8. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

    Comment by Maximus — December 20, 2007 @ 3:29 am | Reply

  9. It’s interesting that you don’t include time spent correcting papers, time spent planning lessons, time spent in classes I-Plans that teachers must pay for with their own money, time spent after school just hanging out with kids, listening to them when no one else will.

    Do you expect teachers to do all this stuff for free?

    If you put in extra time at work, do you expect to get paid?

    More to the point, do you actually have a job?

    Comment by Gabriel Corrigan — February 7, 2008 @ 1:56 pm | Reply

  10. […] I mention that the last teacher’s union contract at Chariho had average step raises of 10.3% and the latest support personnel contract step raises average 9.5%?   Do you get double digit […]

    Pingback by Transparency in contract negotiations (cont.) « Chariho School Parents’ Forum — March 12, 2008 @ 10:25 pm | Reply

  11. I mourn for you if whining about overpaid teachers is all you can really find to do with your time. Of course – your ability to rationally construct this argument, as off-base as it may be – for that you should thank… um.. a teacher.

    Comment by Carol Spradling Bruce — April 25, 2008 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

  12. I don’t think anyone has said all teachers are overpaid – there are some that are probably underpaid. I think of the recipient of the teacher of the year award that was bumped by someone with seniority and had to leave the district. He is underpaid and the bump’er was probably over paid. As a school board member we see several teachers that should be fired but our hands are tied due to contracts and threat of litigation from the NEA. The teachers that are incompetent get the same pay as those who are great.

    Then there is the fact that public sector contracts require us to treat public sector employees like some special class of people who receive better benefits and conditions as do those of us who pay the bills. Those are the tragedies of teacher contracts.

    All we want is that public sector employees are treated the same as private sector employees – no better, no worse.

    Comment by Bill Felkner — April 25, 2008 @ 4:15 pm | Reply

  13. Ive worked in the DPS (dreaded private sector) and RI public education and public education in another state. In RI a teacher is FORCED into joining the union. One of the biggest downsides to union rules/state law is that there is very little lateral movement for teachers. A teacher in your district may want to move to another district but unless anotherr district wants to pay her TOP STEP she will be at your school until death/retirement/leaves the public schools. If teachers were free to negotiate their own pay step start you would see school envigorated. Call up your state reps. and ask them to change to law.
    Local prinipals could then fill a school with teachers they wanted and the best teachers would flock toward competent principals.

    Comment by tyler durden — December 22, 2008 @ 10:02 pm | Reply

  14. Tyler, great idea!

    Representative Brian Kennedy:
    Representative Donna Walsh:

    Comment by Bill Felkner — December 23, 2008 @ 11:21 am | Reply

  15. I am simply overcome by the complete ignorance that is so pervasive on this entire site. I could write for page upon page, but why waste time trying to throw logic into the minds of fools? Do you REALLY think that you can break down a teacher’s day into the hours simply spent in front of children? Do you think the lessons prepare themselves? Do you think the papers correct themselves? Do you think the college credits accrue themselves? You have absolutely no idea what goes into the profession (simply having gone to school does not make all of you experts, by the way) and portray yourselves as uneducated (ah, the irony) buffoons in most everything you say. You want to talk about similarly educated professionals? Oh, you mean the ones who, according to a 2007 Harvard study looking into the impact of the internet, only work 2.2 hours during an 8 hour day because they can chat with co-workers, go to the bathroom, take one hour lunches, surf the internet, get a coffee, gossip, etc. With 25 kids rotating every hour sitting in front of you, a 6.5 hour day is, well, ACTUALLY A 6.5 HOUR DAY. You can make the numbers sound like whatever you’d like, but the fact is that my daycare lady gets $5 per hour/$40 per day for every child she watches and she doesn’t even have to educate them. You want to go apples to apples? Give your teachers $5 per hour for every kid they teach. That’d be 120 kids for the day, each having been taught for one hour…is $600 dollars a day unreasable? I don’t speculate on other people’s professions because I do not palaver upon things of which I do not know unless I take the time to do the research. So please you people, take the time to educate yourselves before simply firing away at teachers because your taxes are mismanaged by towns who elect people unable to manage funds. Before harping on test scores, understand the environment surrounding them (kids are told they “don’t count for personal grades” so the majority finish the two hour test in half the time, yet it is a barometer for teacher effectivesness. Think about that. Did you KNOW that? Probably not. You are not there). Research the difficulty of teaching the modern child, complete with more broken homes than at any time in history. Kids are more medicated, more depressed, and more disillusioned than ever because of the caving of the American family. You need to realize that when you target the foundation of a community in such negative and completely off base/misinformed ways, it will fall upon itself. Bill, keep up with you ignorant rhetoric and maybe some day you will realize just how misguided your attention is. It is actually people like you that lead to the downfall of communities. Find a mirror and look into it.

    Comment by You kidding me? — January 24, 2009 @ 10:28 am | Reply

  16. This brings me to an idea:…

    Comment by Martina-Serfaklar — July 29, 2009 @ 5:19 pm | Reply

  17. Ummm.. In response to You kidding me… I am 35 and have been in the uneducated work force for the past 18 years. I started attending a university for engineering about 6 years ago and since had to drop it to support my new wife and her (ours actually, as I will be adopting them as soon as we are through the courts) 2 kids. I HAVE to work odd hours/days to get the bills paid and once she gets employed I hope to go back and finish school. (And YES I really CANT go to school. My schedule is crazy and I NEVER have a set time that I can go week to week. The university lowers your grade by a half letter ever time you miss a class more than 3 times a semester, so its NOT an excuse, its reality.) We met in school and she is just finishing up her masters. She will be a biology/physics/chem teacher. She has a BS in bio and minor in chem. and the master in edu. My point is she is educated and I am not retarded.

    My 2 BEST friends are teachers and I socialize quite a bit with a few others. I “drank a few years away” (as we like to say) with them while the went to college and I WORKED my BUTT off to support myself with the basics of life while they scooted by at college and became teachers. They were able to do it because it was EASY! Am I bitter that I didnt couldn’t go to college then because I couldn’t afford it.. well YEAH I AM, but that’s a different story…

    They now make about 70k a year to go to “work” for 6.5 hours a day and have tremendous amounts of time off, in comparison to most of the USA. (I don’t need to be repetitive and repeat the actual times I assume…) When they retire they will get a pension. They will have free medical. They will retire by 57! By the time I am 42, I will have worked more hours than they will EVER HAVE TO WORK! They will have health care that I will NEVER be able to afford…

    You think your day is hard? You think your day is LONG? Teachers don’t know the meaning of it! I deal with children all the time. I have worked as a students’ aid and as a tutor so I understand your IDEA of hard! I have put in 16+ hour days plus an hour commute each way! I have dealt with 70+ hours of work plus school on top of it! Not to mention that my friends MASTERS degree classes were EASIER than my FIRST YEAR classes for engineering! MOST teachers are educated mediocre at best and this is coming from at least 2-3 teachers mouths as well as my wife who has been disgusted by what she has seen in the high school, while she has been observing classes! My fiend works a second job and says all the time how he wishes he could just get a second teaching job instead of “real” work because its like “FREE” money, and those are REAL quotes!

    And what about the fact you cannot relocate to a different job because no place will match your top step?! WAAHHH.. Cry some more! Do you think the rest of us do have those kind of choices? Some may, MOST do NOT! Also, how about this… YOU CHOOSE to go to college for it! YOU KNEW what it payed! YOU KNEW you would be stuck in one school system, yet you chose to go through with it? HUH… Must have sounded good at the time!

    Don’t bring the breakdown of the family unit into the equation because truly it has nothing to do with your salary, unless you want to talk about you being an overpaid babysitter! This is a discussion mostly about payment per hour and weather you deserve it! Yeah your right child caregivers CHARGE a lot of money, but they don’t get a pension, any benefits nor are they supplemented by the govt. (or should I say taxpayers)to pay for it all! OHH, they work holidays, weekends, nights and have to pay for overhead. BUT, I am sure you did your research about all of that before you opened your mildly educated, opinionated mouth, right?!

    My kids are HONOR students in advanced classes! They are heads of safety patrols and school stores etc. They are both OVER achievers, are polite and get recognition for having/being perfect attendance, student of the month/year,etc. over and over ,so don’t blame the “problem-ed” kids on everyone and/or that they are everywhere because I know its not true…

    YOU ARE OVERPAID, UNDER WORKED but understaffed(I would agree), but so what, we all are, especially in this economy! Stop your idiotic attempt to justify your job. YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE about real work! You have NOTHING to compare it to! When I get out with my degree I will be lucky to get a job making what you do, working a real work week, with no vacation… You think that looking at a paper and putting a grade on it while you sit in your air conditioned home is work? Really?! HA! Take a look at the news, because a mirror will only reflect your pathetic ideology of what life! Again, you have not a clue… WAKE UP!

    Comment by george — September 1, 2009 @ 9:12 pm | Reply

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